We all have to start somewhere. And for us, that somewhere is with you. Getting to know you, your objectives and what your business requires is the perfect start for any successful Salesforce® implementation. 

After a thorough conversation where we can get to know you better, we’ll provide a detailed proposal full of our ideas, delivery estimates and budget summaries. It’s important to us that you get an up front view of your project.

And we know you’ve got things to be doing. That’s why, if you’re happy to move forward, you can simply provide an e-signature to secure the smooth commencement of your implementation.

It really is as easy as that.

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Designing and
building your system

Time to turn your requirements into a Salesforce® system that works for you.

During our build, not only will we put in all the Salesforce® standards, we’ll create any custom fields and processes that will help you get the job done as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


Once your build is complete, we’ll sit down with you for a thorough review.

This gives you the opportunity to give us any feedback and check that your Salesforce® technology is in line with the objectives we discussed during the discovery.

This is the stage where any edits and updates can be incorporated.

It’s important to us that we get it just right.

Migrating your data

At this stage, it’s time to move your important data over to your new Salesforce® platform. Don’t worry, we’ll be on hand to help here.

As part of our implementation, we’ll make our recommendations on how to conduct a cleanse of your current data. Once you’re happy, we’ll populate your new system safely and securely. We want to ensure your migration is as seamless and accurate as possible.

User training

Before we push go on your Salesforce® platform, we’ll provide initial overview training workshops for you and your team.

This helps everyone get to grips with the new way of working and encourages a positive attitude towards your new system.

Time to go live

You’re ready to go. Time to fit the last piece of the puzzle and get the results you want.

Ready to start the process?

No matter your business, no matter your sector, Mint can create the Salesforce® solution you need.

Our process means you’ll be kept firmly in the loop about the status of your system. This is a collaboration.

Don’t wait. Let’s get talking.

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