Easy steps to Implementation

Introducing a CRM platform doesn’t have to cause you a headache.

With Mint, you’ll have your brand new Salesforce® system up and running in five easy steps. It really is as easy as that.

Part of your Salesforce® implementation is detailed training that will help make sure you’re the master of your own system. Feel confident about your CRM. It’s the tool to help your business grow.

Implementation Services

The key to success? Understanding your business

At Mint, we make it our business to understand exactly what your business needs. There’s no point working with a system that doesn’t work for you.

During our discovery process, we’ll identify what you really need from Salesforce® and how we can put that in place for you.

We’ll then give you a detailed proposal that lets you know exactly what results you can expect from working with us.

After all, it’s not just about your system. It’s about building a relationship together.

How we work

No hassle, no fuss.

You want a simple, hassle-free Salesforce® implementation. And we’re here to provide that.

Once you give us the green light, all you’ll have to do is e-sign our letter of engagement, and we’re ready to get going.

Shall we get started?

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Why Mint?

Of all the Salesforce® partners out there, why choose Mint? Well, when you work with us, you’ll benefit from:

Trained and certified Salesforce® consultants and developers

It goes without saying that our team brings with them a whole host of experience. You’re in safe hands.


Valuable, real world commercial experience

We’re not just about the tech you know? We understand that your CRM needs to deliver commercial results.


Quick and dynamic delivery.

We know you have better things to be doing than waiting around for a lengthy implementation. Our trusted process means an efficient delivery that allows you to crack straight on with the important things.


Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all.

We’re not just about the tech you know? We understand that your CRM needs to deliver commercial results.


Ongoing support.

You won’t be left high and dry. Access our ongoing support after the implementation is complete.



About us

A trusted Salesforce® partner.

We’re proud to be a trusted partner of

We have a shared passion: helping companies and their people grow. Industries across the spectrum can benefit from a sophisticated CRM. We’re thrilled to have introduced Salesforce® to a varied range of sectors since our beginnings in 2007.

How We Work