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Our Commitment

PhilanthropyLike many companies, particularly those associated with Salesforce®, we feel a strong obligation to “give back” and support the communities we engage with. For this reason we have clearly defined policies that allow us to actively participate in community service programmes and to support the not-for profit sector.

As such we have implemented a process whereby we donate;

Where possible, we engage in activities that leverage our expertise in “cloud”, sales and marketing, business development and especially our experience with implementing Salesforce® solutions. It is our intention to further develop our involvement in a number of initiatives and to publish the results of our efforts.

These pages will be updated accordingly with news, results and the outcome of our work in due course.

5% Revenue

5% of all net received revenue is made available by the Company to help support not-for profit activities.

Rather than just “writing a cheque” we prefer to support initiatives where we can add additional value and have real involvement. Consequently we look to support programmes where we can also assist by donating Employee Time and Consulting Time (Professional Service Grants) to add maximum “bang” on our donation.

An example of this is our commitment to support BootBank. We assisted with gaining support from Salesforce® and the initial donation of over £10,200 worth of free Salesforce® licences. We also provide funding to cover on-going technological enhancements and operational costs of recycling much needed medical equipment from the developed world out to counties in the developing world where there is an urgent and desperate need.

Our support of BootBank is a major initiative for the coming year where we plan to provide funding and increased investment in the technological framework. This will help ensure that over 1000 medical braces are made available to some of the world's poorest children that may otherwise never be able to walk pain free and lead a normal and productive life.

Please visit www.boot-bank.com to find out more and see how you could help.

5% Consultancy Hours

In addition to the 5% Revenue donation, we also give 5% of all billable consulting hours to qualifying not-for profits that need assistance with either initial Salesforce® implementation or on-going support and development through Professional Services Grants.

Salesforce® is being used by over 12,000 not-for profit organisations and educational institutions, of all sizes and across all sectors. As part of Salesforces' own philanthropic efforts, they make available licencing at significantly reduced costs. If you are a not-for profit organisation, you could benefit from a donation of 10 Enterprise Edition Licences (worth £10,200 p.a) at absolutely no cost. Additional users typically pay only 20% of the normal licence fee.

We could help you through the application process and you could also benefit from free consultancy and time from us to get you set up and started valued at £850 per day.

If you would like to apply for a MintCRM Professional Services Grant, then please visit our Apply for Grant page and submit you details.

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5% Employee Time

We actively encourage all MintCRM Team members to engage in charitable or community support work. Subject to approval, all employees are given 5% of their time as “paid leave” to engage in charitable activity of their choice.

This equates to approximately 1 full day per month. Some of this could be spent engaged in not-for profit projects pursued by MintCRM (such as further development of the BootBank initiative), but equally this could be spent in work or projects that hold specific interest or significance for the individual employee.

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