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Geoff Young, founder and CEO of Mint CRM

The continued success of the Salesforce® platform means that there are now many hundreds of companies that provide pre-integrated solutions into Salesforce®. You can access many of these, often on an initial “30 day free trial” directly through the AppExchange®. Here you can find solutions for Dashboards, Finance, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Surveys, CTi and many more business applications.

We haven't tried them all, but we have solid experience of some. We can help recommend solutions that may enhance your existing or planned Salesforce® implementation, but below are a selection of some of the Companies we have worked with;


iContact - Best Mass Email App (2010 and 2011) – iContact for Salesforce® pairs trusted email marketing with Salesforce, so you can engage, convert, and retain your customers and leads. If you know how to use Salesforce, you know how to use iContact for Salesforce.


FinancialForce - No more rekeying data to create invoices! FinancialForce cloud accounting app resides on the same platform as Salesforce. The two systems share the same data. Billing, invoicing, accounts payable, reporting – all works seamlessly inside Salesforce® CRM.

EchoSign from Adobe

EchoSign from Adobe - the #1 Rated e-Signature application for 6 years running (2006-2012), gets your contracts e-signed, across the globe, instantly. Completely intuitive, with 100,000 customers worldwide. Best App '08, '09, '10, '11 Winner: Contract Mgmt.

  • The trusted choice from the creators of PDF and Acrobat.
  • E-sign on any PC or Mac, on your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, anywhere, anytime. Sign in 20+ languages across the globe. Even by fax across 50+ countries.
  • 100% automated electronic signature contract management system which automatically updates Salesforce® accounts with PDF copies of all signed contracts

Adobe's EchoSign for Salesforce, winner of the Appex Best of 2008-2011 Awards and the #1 rated esignature application for 6+ years, delivers complete signature automation for organizations such as Facebook, Groupon, Delta, Pandora, Twitter, BT, Taleo, Living Social, Time Warner Cable, TransUnion, and 1000s more.

Send contracts for legally binding e-signature directly from Salesforce, view real-time contract history, and auto-associate and save esigned contracts with the opportunity or contact.


Magmaforce - Integrate your existing SAGE Accounts system into the heart of Salesforce...

1. Cut staff administration time & save costs
How much time does it take to “walk” information about deals to be invoiced over to Accounts, to then input the same information into a different system all over again? Save time and cut costs with seamless integration, giving you the opportunity to re-deploy staff to more productive tasks.

2. Increase process speed & improve cash flow
Instead of running 2 separate systems, why not integrate and increase processing efficiency? Automatically create sales invoices in your accounts system from “closed / won” opportunities in salesforce. This will help cut your processing time dramatically, get sales invoices out more quickly which means you get paid sooner!

3. Greater accuracy avoids disputed invoices
Don't risk inaccuracy by manually having to re-key data between systems. Automatic data pull between your accounts system and Salesforce® will improve data accuracy. This eliminates potential re-keying errors and helps stop your invoices being disputed. You then get paid more quickly!


Geopointe - Search your Salesforce® data and plot it on the map.

ArrowpointeUse data from standard or custom objects. Administrators and End-Users define Data Sets to specify the object to search, fields to return to the map and filters to apply. Users use the data sets when performing the searches.

With records on the map, options exist to get driving directions, export the data, add records to a Salesforce® Campaign and lots more. It is very interactive, intuitive and deeply integrated with Salesforce

Data Cleanser

Data Cleanser - A powerful real-time de-duplication tool for your Leads, Contacts and Accounts. It allows you to create matching rules to identify duplicates in your current database as well as identify new duplicates as they are entered into your system.

  • Real-Time Deduplication for your Contacts, Accounts, and Leads
  • Create your own Matching Rule to identify duplicates and use filters to identify which data you want Data Cleanser to search.
  • Get Data Cleanser - PRO to allow Data Cleanser to search Cross Objects and Merge your duplicates

Stratus Data Cleanser Lite will allow you to search your Salesforce® database for duplicates in your leads, contacts and accounts.

Stratus Data Cleanser Lite is a real-time duplicate identification tool that will allow you to create matching rules with Exact or Fuzzy (phonetic) matching types to allow you to view duplicates in your Salesforce® database. You can choose to block duplicates before they are added to database based on your matching criteria or have the duplicates displayed in groups for you to review.

You can create filters that will allow you to search only a specific area of your business for duplicates. Another powerful feature of Data Cleanser is the ability to look through your current database to identify duplicates that already exist. With Stratus Data Cleanser PRO, you will have merging capabilities. As well with the PRO edition, you will be able to identify cross object duplicates (leads to contacts / accounts) and convert these leads to contacts.


Conga - One click to proposals, account plans, contracts and more from multiple objects and related lists. Customize output from Salesforce® Quotes. Use Word, Excel, PPT or PDF forms to print, attach or email in single, batch and scheduled operations.

  • Gather any data from multiple objects and related lists using Salesforce® reports or SOQL queries
  • Produce sophisticated documents by merging data into Word, Excel or PDF forms (combine up to 10 templates into a single PDF or Zip file)
  • Streamline process by automating email distribution and associated file-save-attach, activity-logging, field updates and creation of follow-up tasks

You've got to generate custom quotes, service contracts, or account plans. And you dread it. Why? Because manually gathering data from multiple objects into a report or document, and then getting it to look exactly how you want takes forever. The tedious steps to get the documents into the right hands, then log each activity just makes your mind numb. Until now.

Conga Composer makes it easy to create sophisticated documents and reports with data from any Salesforce® CRM or Force.com® application. You can print it, save it locally or in Salesforce, email it or integrate with e-signature solutions (EchoSign, Docusign, Sertifi). Conga Composer automatically logs activities and follow-up tasks—and can even update fields automatically for you.

For an added boost, check out the new Conga EXTREMES suite of add-ons - see our web site for complete details. Also
included is the original Conga Mail Merge for easy printing of letters, mailing labels, and envelopes.


Clicktools enables Salesforce® customers to build custom scripts, surveys, forms and landing pages. When the data is collected it can be used to create or update ANY Salesforce® CRM information. Clicktools won the customer choice award for “Best Survey App” for the last 4 years.

What features make Clicktools the ‘Best Survey App’
Clicktools is the most powerful and flexible capability available to all Salesforce® customers. We are also experts in creating, collecting and combining information with CRM.

  • Complete support for an organization's brand.
  • Powerful synchronization with Salesforce® including business rule mapping and full tracking & error recovery.
  • Advanced reporting for key driver analysis.
  • Affordable, enterprise strength capability.


Marketo Marketing & Lead Management solution is unlike any marketing automation or email marketing tool you've seen. It provides rich functionality marketers need to automate & measure demand generation campaigns that generate more high-quality leads.

  • Email Marketing & Landing Page Creation- Dialog with prospects using complete email marketing and marketing automation functionality including easy to create forms for lead capture.
  • Lead Nurturing - Automate demand generation programs with drip marketing campaigns.
  • Lead Scoring and Analytics - Track activity to understand lead interest and sales-readiness.

Marketo Lead Management is unlike any marketing automation or email marketing solution you've seen before. It provides all the rich functionality marketers need to automate and measure demand generation campaigns that generate more high-quality sales leads. And it gives marketers the freedom to execute campaigns with less manual effort, allowing more time to focus on the strategic and creative activities that improve marketing ROI. But unlike any other solution, it has an insanely easy to use interface and an on-demand model that gets customers up and running in just days.

Marketo has been voted ‘Best Marketing Automation Application’ and ‘Best Mass Emails Solution’ by Salesforce® customers on the Force.com® AppExchange®. Come try our revenue performance management solution for lead nurturing, lead scoring, marketing analytics, email marketing, and more!


cloudamour is a boutique managed services provider that transforms businesses of all sizes from traditional IT systems to world class Cloud solutions. Our solutions improve performance, reduce costs and give our clients a platform we call 'Instant Enterprise'. Our areas of expertise include;

Business Transformation
Cloud computing has radically changed IT and how it is used and managed. That's why you need a cloud specialist to show you exactly what your business can really do.

Cloud Hosting
Cloud computing is a real game changer. cloudamour is one of the UK's foremost cloud specialists. We'll help you move your IT to the cloud and change your business forever.

Installations & Migrations
Changing or upgrading your IT will improve your performance, enhance your ability and increase your availability. Getting it right first time is essential. Welcome to cloudamour.

Managed Services
The success of any IT network is proactive management. With our managed service, you'll enjoy total peace of mind, safe in the knowledge we've got your best interests at heart.

Relocation Services
Relocating your offices is an arduous task and a logistical juggling act. Exciting, yes. Full of possibility and potential, yes. Enjoyable...well that's debatable.

Service Desk
Support is not just about someone picking up a phone; support is about service, trust and knowledge about your business. At cloudamour we're all about service.

The best thing about IT is that it allows you to do more in less time. However unless you or your staff are properly trained, you will always be working at half-speed.

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